What we do

Kenosis Foundation (KF) is a not for profit, non-governmental and non-political registered charity organization and a donation platform that allows everyone to support a projects of your choice that have been scrutinised for transparency and credibility in the field of health and community development and outreach projects in India.

We do not raise funds for ourselves. We help you to invest in many meaningful projects that is to “build a better life” of poor communities. We work poorest of the poor, disadvantaged, underprivileged and marginalized remote villages, Dalits, small farmers, adivasis women and children.

We are a model for comprehensive education and work for causes ranging from child welfare and education to disability, nonviolent compassionate communication, poverty reduction, women empowerment, child protection and  primary and higher education scholarship, seed funded business, Self Help groups, training and workshops, building and innovation of community development projects, youth employment, micro-credit, microfinance, livelihood, agriculture, environment, international volunteers in Action Abroad Projects (VAAP), Internships programs, community health and hygiene programs, networking and partnership building, gender equity  to name a few.  Click here to know more about our projects.

The inspiration and the vision “ build a better life” was conceived by Isaac Rayappan, founder and managing director of Kenosis Foundation; after extensive theological and philosophical studies; as a priest who has done tireless missionary work with the poorest of the poor women and children of remote communities in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka State, India. This was the beginning of the establishment of an organizational entity, in order to continue his mission.  KF is managed by a team of professionals who have earlier worked with various social work organizations, religious, and corporates sectors and now have dedicated their careers to making a difference.

We got registered on July 29, 2013, as a non-profit organization under Indian Trust registration Act 1882  in Bangalore City, Karnataka State, South India with registration No: BK IV BNG-BMG 166/2013-14 and certified No: 12435/2014-2015.

All your donations are 100% tax-deductible. We tell you exactly where your money went and also give you proof of it through a feedback report. We ensure that at least 90% of your contribution reaches the projects of our organization you support.


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